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tv   To Be Announced  FOX News  September 18, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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donald trump's head? comedy. now who is hysterical, and now who is the one in the rough. good night. >> bret: president trump says he wants to make bun great. not great again. racial protest from the gateway to the midwest into a tinderbox and california wants the president to apologize. this is "special report" ." good evening, welcome to washington. i am bret baier. this is our one of a special two hour "special report." we will have two hours all this week. president trump is taking a tough love approach to the united nations which was a frequent target. today he gave diplomats a preview of his speech to the general assembly tomorrow.
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he is pivoting from past accusations that the world body is weak and incompetent to talking about the u.n.'s tremendous potential and need for reform while meeting with allies. we have fox team coverage. the nuclear ambitions of north korea and iran are dominating much of a conversation at the u.n. we begin with john roberts with a kind letter, gentler president trump when it comes to the u.n. good evening, john. >> the president's first day of the first u.n. general assembly has attended was carefully scheduled. to minimize the chance for any unforced errors and maximize the president's. his first two meetings today with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the french president emmanuel macron. the last day they were together was at the bastille day parade in july. it's clear after being the guest
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of honor in paris that the friendship has only grown between president trump and president macron. you can hear that from the language today. president trump revealing after seeing the military parade in paris, he would like to do something similar in the united states. >> we are thinking about fourth of july, pennsylvania avenue, having a really great parade to show our military strength. >> we were proud to have you and your wife in paris for bastille day. below are proud to have you in front of them. >> the president meant for the third time with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. every opportunity, but to
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highlight how different the relationship is now between israel and the united states from the way it was during the obama administration. netanyahu with more words of praise for president trump. president trump repeating his hope that piece in the middle east is attainable. >> i think we have a chance. i think israel would like to see it come and i think the palestinians would like to see it. the trump administration would like to see it. we're working hard on it. we will see what happens. historically people say it can't happen. i say it can happen. >> under president trump, america's position towards the u.n. has been unequivocal, strong. clarity and conviction. >> the president had a friendly audience and a friendly reception this morning when he exercised some tough love for the united nations, insisting the organization is in critical need of reform. the united nations secretary-general antonio guterres agreeing, saying the thought of you of u.n. bureaucracy keeps him up at night. the president has the big address tomorrow to the general assembly. that will be tomorrow at 10:30.
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three themes, protecting the american people, promoting american prosperity and promoting accountability and sovereignty among the 193 member nations of the united nations. you can bet the president will talk, hit on some big themes that he wants talked about by the 192 member nations. north korea, iran, and terrorism. >> bret: john roberts live in new york. we will have a full wrap up at the top of 6:00 p.m. the u.s. showed a force. on the korean peninsula. senior correspondent eric shawn reports from the united nations. >> president trump is expected to rally the world body against
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the north korean regime and u.s.-led effort to try to pressure pyongyang to give up its nuclear program and stop its missile launches. so far, nine united nations security council resolutions over 11 years have failed to deter kim's class, prompting nikki haley to say the council is running out of other options. hailey's former communications director. >> the president is going to talk about the world being united against north korea's posture right now. the need for kim jong un to stand down and stop trying to ratchet up the conflict with the united states. speak with the president is expected to confront iran. he has threatened to scrap the iranian nuclear deal but has signed off on its deadlines, keeping it in place. iranian president hassan rouhani will speak wednesday. the opposition is calling for him to be barred. >> it's time for the community, especially western countries, to
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adopt -- towards the regime. this regime must be expelled from the u.n. >> others say the president's speech will be the opportunity for him to highlight his principle of america first, something diplomats may not want to hear. >> trump has to remember who matters, and that's the welfare of the united states. every other country is thinking about their country first. he doesn't have to be embarrassed or apologetic about putting america first. it's good for the world as well as the united states. >> president trump will be close to the north koreans physically when he speaks tomorrow. they will be sitting in the front row. the north korean delegation will be sitting on the second desk to the right between the czech republic and the congo. it remains to be seen of kim jong un's top diplomats will take the president's blunt message heart. >> bret: eric shawn outside the united nations. president vladimir putin vladimir putin attended today's activities at the weeklong
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war games involving his military and belarus. those drills have nato members nervous. russia and belarus say they have about five -- 13,000 troops participating. america's top diplomats as he is considering closing the u.s. embassy in cuba. secretary of state rex tillerson is contemplating a response to the sickening of 21 americans working at the embassy in havana, some of those have permanent hearing loss or concussions. the u.s. has not identified either a culprit or a device. plenty of sound and fury over the weekend in st. louis, and it's continuing there tonight. the unrest began friday after a judge's acquittal of a white former police officer accused of murdering a black drug suspect. will carr is in st. louis right now. good evening. >> good evening. on a normal monday night, you can sit in this restaurant and have a good view of delmar boulevard.
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not tonight. after two days ago they had this window bashed. i want to show you that started. protesters came out and picked up these trash cans and hurled them through this window which has been painted white. business owners are concerned because there is another protest in the area in a couple hours. it comes after last night when more than 80 protesters were arrested downtown after they were kicking in windows, knocking over planters, and the st. louis police department tweeting an image. the objects they took off one person: body armor, gun, he had a sword. we spoke with another business owner, the manager of a bookstore couple blocks down from us. he had a couple his windows fashion on saturday. he has a message for the protesters. >> it's a bad idea. this is an independent bookstore. it's invested in st. louis. we all live here. we are a progressive bookstore
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that's aware, we are fully aware of the problems in this town. we are sympathetic. >> not to the point of destruction, i would assume. >> we don't -- this is not a high profit business. we can't sustain this kind of damage. >> the businesses here are trying to give an optimistic point of view. you can see this is a very artistic community. they painted a lot of the plywood here. they are handing out smiley faces today, trying to keep things positive heading into tonight. there is bad weather in the forecast. one owner told me he is praying for rain. >> bret: will carr in st. louis. the protests in hollywood last night took the form of mockery and ridicule. the focus of contempt at the emmy awards, president trump and by extension the americans who voted for him. jonathan hunt shows us. >> in 2017, we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist,
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egotistical lying, hypocritical bigot. the emmys, a political ceremony with donald trump as its target. hardly surprising given the host was stephen colbert stephen colbert whose comedy currency has always been politics. he told his a-list audience, not many of whom are public fans of the reality tv star turned president, they had no one but themselves to blame. >> we know the emmys mean a lot to donald trump because he was nominated multiple times for "celebrity apprentice" but he never won. why didn't you give him an ma? i tell you, if you had won in ma, i bet he would and i will run for president. in a way, this is all your fault. >> the presidents "saturday night live" impersonator in chief did get an emmy. >> here is your enemy. >> the biggest surprise came as
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stephen colbert mused about having the ratings might be. >> is there anyone who can say how big the audience is? sean, do you know? >> this will be the largest audience to witness a emmy period. in person and around the world. >> the reaction in the audience seemed to suggest some had mixed feelings about whether sean spicer should have been given that moment in the spotlight. while the white house advisor kellyanne conway told "fox & friends" today she believes they focus on politics at an awards ceremony is a mistake. >> the emmys and miss america pageant were politicized. sports is politicized. looks like ratings are suffering and americas responded by tuning out. >> kellyanne conway may have a point with the ratings managing last year's record low. >> bret: jonathan hunt, thank you. let's get some analysis of the
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emmys. joining us juan williams and in washington, howard kurtz. your thoughts how everything went down? >> the number of people who are stunned that an another word show was trump bashing. at the same time, the shock has worn off, it's become predictable and it's the cool thing to do it it may play well in liberal circles. but they are kind of missing the point. a good chunk of the dwindling audience doesn't despise the president the way the celebs do. >> bret: here is how rush limbaugh characterized it. >> sure, it was a three hour, however long it went, bashed, humiliated and embarrassed trump fest.
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hollywood in its most prestigious award show for the television industry devoted three hours to donald trump. >> bret: what do you think? >> i am with rush on this. donald trump, someone said it last night, donald trump was the biggest tv star in the last year. there's just no question. he gets more tv time than any of these people who were winning emmys last night and i think they references to him, including the award to alec baldwin for playing him on "saturday night live" for evidence, substantiation of how dominant a media figure donald trump is. it goes beyond television, and its overall dwindling audience, to other social media platforms. >> bret: there is a lot of reaction about the sean spicer appearance, a lot of folks saying that -- he shouldn't have been given that venue. to legitimize them. him, they said they say. others say it was a joke.
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he was just having fun. he should be able to do that after that job. your thoughts. >> there is a medium mob going after sean spicer on twitter, online, on television. tarring and feathering him over what was a joke. as if he should never be able to show his face in public again or tell a joke. it's almost like his detractors want him to wear a scarlet letter. i get the sensitivity because he was making fun of his first day as press secretary when he was talking about the size of the president's inaugural crowd. every press secretary in every administration at times has to sort of walk the line of misleading the press. to go after sean spicer, he has been called evil, all kinds of terrible names. i think it has more to do with the anger at his boss then spicer himself. >> bret: he has apologized for berating reporters on the first
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day. but he hasn't apologized for what he had to do from that podium. has he? >> no, and sean spicer is a friend. i'm going to say i think when you are sticking to the american people as press secretary of the united states, your credibility is large. you have to represent your boss, you have to make sure the president feels you are carrying his message. but to reporters, and i think this is where the credibility issue comes in permit, if you say something like biggest crowd ever and the very pictures become evident. pictures you showed don't substantiate it, then the question becomes what are you doing? is this really the job, the press secretary and the credibility and authority of the white house. i think that's why people had some questions about the idea that people are welcoming sean spicer back into this celebrity crowd, and the elites are celebrating sean spicer. i think there are legitimate questions, and i think sean
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himself has some reservations about what went on. as you point out, he's never apologize for that. >> bret: first howie, doesn't that show the disconnect we saw in the election? doesn't that show more of the people in the middle of the country saying "i don't care about any of this." >> a lot of people are having a counter reaction. people who are neutral on the president or might like the president, they see this as out of touch liberal elitists. they want to celebrate television or movies or whatever the awards show is. they are fed up and they are feeling like they are not being listened to and being disrespected. >> this picks up on what happened at espn last week. the president being called, by one of their anchors, a white supremacist. people want sports. they want hollywood. those are real people in the uniforms and behind the screens and they have political opinion
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opinions. >> bret: as always, thank you. what did you think about the emmys, or do you care? let me know on twitter @bretbaier. use the hashtag #specialreport or on facebook at there is still a long way to go for residents of the florida keys following the destruction from hurricane irma. we are tracking another hurricane. we will go live to florida next. ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> bret: much of the caribbean and they took a direct hit from irma is bracing for hurricane maria. it's hard to believe, but hurricane maria strength into a category 4 minutes ago. national weather service spokesman says the system promises to be catastrophic for puerto rico. it's expected to hit their wednesday. the governor of puerto rico has declared a state of emergency there, we are being told supplies are flying off the shelves at home depot and other stores. as residents prepare for the worst. the president's health secretary was in south florida today to get a firsthand look at the damage from hurricane irma. one sign that things are slowly returning to normal, school started today in the miami area. some parts of southwest florida,
2:22 pm
much of the keys, have a much bigger mess to deal with. matt finn is in big pine key florida. good evening. resident starting to come back? >> nearly eight days after hurricane irma first made landfall here in southern florida, some folks are finally going through the painful process of coming back to their property to survey the damage. as if abandoning and evacuating their homes wasn't painful enough, people are returning to houses like these defined obliterated properties. this evening, people who are sorting through what's left are forced to do so under the florida sun in 90 degrees heat. high humidity, and no air conditioning. the monroe county sheriff has enacted a strict no crime tolerance policy and all over, there are "you loot, we shoot" signs. >> bret: looking at the video from some of the keys. some areas hit harder than others, but the basic services, are they starting to come back?
2:23 pm
>> electricity, running water, score is intermittent at best. people facing high humidity, high heat and forced to do these recovery efforts with little to no air condition. cellular reception in his body but it's getting better. there are two call mobile hospitals but they are limited. people face a deadly situation, especially the elderly and the young. we saw in that hollywood, florida, nursing home or elderly people passed away. tonight, the conditions remain the same. if you are down here and you don't have shelter and you don't have air-conditioning, you are facing what could be a life or death situation. gold is a major concern because many people were not allowed back in their homes for nearly . those homes sat in the florida sun, and heat and elements more than a week. >> bret: matt finn down in the keys. thanks. lloyd's of london says it will
2:24 pm
face net claims and about $150 million from hurricane harley. officials say the last 900 harvey evacuees at houston's convention have been relocated, as the site returns to regular business. most of those evacuees were taken to houston community college warehouse outfitted as a shelter. the rest moved over the weekend to a pair of community centers. still ahead, what lawmakers in california what president come to do to make them feel better. up next, the role of small businesses in hurricane recovery and what lies ahead for small business owners in this country. when a fire is going on,
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you're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us. i could hear crackling in the walls. my mind went totally blank. all i remember saying was, "my boyfriend's beating me" and she took it from there. and all of this occurred in four minutes or less. i am grateful we all made it out safely. people you don't know care about you. it's kind of one of those things where you can't even thank somebody.
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to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares
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>> bret: welcome back to "special report." florida and texas are engaged in massive recovery efforts from hurricanes irma and harvey. they are looking to the oceans to see if another is on the way. here is what the small business administration is doing to help.
2:29 pm
sba administer linda mcmahon joins us. >> thank you. >> bret: this has been tough on some small businesses, especially in texas, florida. tell me about the efforts to get them back on their feet. >> some small businesses are totally out of business right now. part of an sba's goal is to get them up and running as quickly as possible. there aren't all that many people that know what sba does in disaster relief. we are not first on the ground. we are not first responders, although we are colocated in a lot of the same offices. we come in to help small business owners and home owners with loans to get them back on their feet. they are low interest loans, long-term loans. there is no fee. the typical sba fee is waived for these loans. this is the time when sba is making the loans itself, not guaranteeing loans.
2:30 pm
and it's the only time sba ever loans for home mortgages. we want to get people back in their homes. we want to get businesses back up and running. we want to get communities thriving and being vibrant again because that's how our economy grows and that's how we stay strong. >> bret: we signed with president trump on those visits to different areas dealing directly on the ground. tell us about what you hear from people anecdotally you hear from politicians that the response has been swift and pretty organized on a state and federal level. from your perspective on small businesses, what do you hear? >> what i've been hearing from small businesses is they've never had the kind of response so quickly. there was a statement out today talking about the fact that we've already approved over 3100 loans. it's a milestone for granting or proving that many loans in this
2:31 pm
time frame. i will tell you. we need extra resources. with harvey and irma coming back-to-back and now maria seeming to move along the same trajectory as irma did. we are reaching out to the private sector. loan processors, verification experts. so we can get people back up and running faster. if you would like to contact us and be part of that process, please go online to there is information about how you can come in and be helpful. we are hiring. probably on a 45 to 60 day basis. >> bret: will put that on the screen so people want to reach out, they can look for the information. 5.83 million employer firms in the united states with fewer than 500 workers accounting for 99.7% of businesses.
2:32 pm
firms with less than 20 workers made up 89.4% of businesses. that's from sba statistics. that's an amazing number if you think about our country and how big an engine that is. >> it is, and 2 out of every three net jobs are created by small businesses. half of those employed in the country either work for small business or own a small busines business. so it's not an understatement at all to say that small businesses are the backbone and engine of our economy. president trump has certainly been a supporter of small businesses when he campaigned. he showed how much she is continuing to be a supporter through his regulatory reform and now pushing through tax reform. but i think he is showing how this administration responds very quickly to disaster and gets its people on the ground very quickly to help start putting things back together. florida, texas, the virgin islands.
2:33 pm
sba has 68 district offices around the country. one in every state but also in our territories. where there to help on the ground as well. >> bret: quickly, i want to point to this new york federal reserve survey. 60% of small businesses expect more revenue in 2017 than the last year. 40% anticipate expanding their workforce. there seems to be optimism out there, but there's also questions. about whether this tax reform is really going to materialize. >> i definitely think it's going to materialize. at that we are going to get it passed this year. that's my hope. i know it's the president's goal to get it passed. small businesses are optimistic. i think it caused a little bit of pessimism one health care didn't get passed but it's going to come back around next year, they believe it will get past. they have already seen regulations being rolled back. they are appreciative that. when small businesses tell me, "if my tax rate gets cut and i am more money, i'm going to
2:34 pm
invest in my business. i'm going to hire more people and grow, that's my goal." >> bret: sba administrator linda mcmahon. thank you. >> thank you. >> bret: candidate trump slammed the united nations. president trump that's how so far. his big speech there is tomorrow. we'll talk about with the panel when we come back. my dell small business advisor has gotten to know our business so well that is feels like he's a part of our team. with one phone call, he sets me up with tailored products and services.
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2:39 pm
>> do you plan to stay in the iranian nuclear deal? >> you will see very soon. >> bret: see very soon. president trump in new york at the united nations. sideline meetings today. the big speech in front of the u.n. general assembly tomorrow. let's bring in the panel. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." guy benson, political editor at mara liasson, national political correspondent of national public radio. the meeting with the french president, they are buddy-buddy. >> they are. meeting with netanyahu, another one of his friends. this was a real contrast. remember during the campaign he said the united nations was an enemy of freedom and an enemy of democracy. now he's saying more or less what a lot of american presidents have said. a good thing to reform the bureaucracy there. talking about having -- not having the u.s. pay a disbursement share which is something other presidents have said. this was a pretty typical first
2:40 pm
day for an american president so far. >> bret: let's listen to trump and netanyahu when they had the meeting today talking about middle east peace. >> i think there's a good chance it could happen. most people would say there's no chance whatsoever. i think with the capability of bibi, and the other side, i think we have a chance. i think the israelis and palestinians would like to see it and i can tell you the trump administration would like to see it. we are working very hard. we'll see what happens. historically people say it can't happen. i say can happen. >> i want to say under your leadership the alliance between america and israel has never been stronger. never been deeper. >> bret: most people are focusing on north korea, iran, and i'm sure the speech will cover a lot. the prospect of middle east peace is at least out there.
2:41 pm
how far-reaching it's possible. he talks about it in positive terms. >> it is something trump spoke about consistently on the campaign trail and in debates. he got beat up a little bit in republican debates for being a little bit too pro-palestinian but it's something he said repeatedly. what struck me about those visuals. tomorrow's point, this was fairly typical for an american president meeting in a bilateral sitdown with the prime minister of israel. that did not happen four or five years ago under president obama in 2012. that was kind of a big deal here in d.c. where there was a snob. the obama administration snubbed netanyahu. i think netanyahu's comments saying it's never been better, never been deeper, there was subtext referring to the last eight years. >> on their way out of the obama administration, we pushed the u.n. security resolution that went after israel. that was so poorly received that a lot of people thought congress might move to defund the u.n.
2:42 pm
>> bret: this beach tomorrow, a big moment. we should point out the russian president, chinese president they are not there. the spotlight is president trump's toehold. he's had some big speeches he's nailed before, joint address to congress. this beach in poland, his rollout of afghan policy. >> it's the moment and the tone is different than the campaign. it's a disappointing change in rhetoric. he said today the u.n. does a good job feeding the hungry and taking care of disaster. that's not true. it's a bloated organization. chelsea clinton wrote a memo to her parents about seeing the u.n. working in haiti where she says their incompetence is mind-numbing. he praised their work on empowering women. saudi arabia sits on the women's council at the u.n. get a republican president who complained about the funding at the u.n. and the u.n. says will make some minor changes that we don't have such mismanagement.
2:43 pm
but there's actually an overarching problem with the design and organization of the agency. i don't think that's being dealt with. >> bret: the general secretary today perhaps assuming when he was going to hear from president trump, he was asked what keeps you up it -- at night and he said bureaucracy. >> conservatives love to hate the u.n., the civil of -- symbol of globalism. he has a nicer tone. he isn't bashing them. tomorrow will be the test. how does he talk about the u.n.? are they the problem, or are they an organization he said today he wants to make great. >> bret: nikki haley has argued lee done a good job -- pe sees the benefit to that. he has touted those as successe. i suspect we might see tomorrow
2:44 pm
is akin to what we saw in the presence first addressed overseas in saudi arabia when he spoke to arab leaders where everyone was wondering what his tone going to be like compared to his campaign rhetoric? he struck mostly a new tone but with some thematic elements that were very trumpian. >> bret: america first but everybody else is okay. >> america first doesn't mean america alone. >> it will be interesting. there are many problems that the u.n., even the watering down of sanctions is a good example. there are so many ways people can throw a wrench is in the works, so many ways countries can throw their weight around it we need a unified response to north korea. we need top sanctions, not just piddling sanctions here and there. >> bret: next up, why california wants an apology from president trump.
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>> bret: lawmakers in california want president trump to apologize for his time in the white house so far. yes, you heard that right, they are putting that in writing along with a resolution defying the president's orders about cooperating with federal immigration law. national correspondent william la jeunesse has the latest from los angeles.
2:49 pm
>> just answer president trump for his comments following a white supremacist rally in charlottesville. >> lawmakers pulled no punches last week. big a lack of leadership and harmful statements cannot go on a third. >> on race, climate, education and immigration, california considers itself the resistance. >> with his builders is it restores a little bit of trust. >> lawmakers passed a statewide sanctuary bill shielding immigrants from deportation. >> this sends a clear message to the trump administration. in california, we value inclusivity, diversity. >> this only thing the bill provides sanctuary for its dangerous criminals. >> opposed by law enforcement, the bill bars police from notifying i.c.e. when criminals are released from jail, including those charged or convicted or of assaulting a police officer or spouse, theft, hit-and-run, carrying a concealed weapon or dui. >> this is clearly aimed at
2:50 pm
appeasing the open borders crowd and bring in more new illegal aliens, they want more future voters for the democratic party. >> lawmakers get 30 million top dreamers stay in the u.s. and 45 million for illegals to hire attorneys to fight deportation. >> if anything useful for president trump in keeping his supporters, including the ones in california together and on his team. >> demonizing trump could produce a backlash, as lawmakers demanded he apologized for his "racist and bigoted behavior." >> a lot about works or doesn't work in politics is predicated on the enemy of my enemy. donald trump knows an awful lot about how to keep coalitions together by saying we've got the same enemies. this works in his favor that way. >> another jab at the president, one bill says no candidate will appear in the 2020 presidential ballot unless they release five years of tax returns. something of course
2:51 pm
president trump hasn't done. >> bret: william, thank you. as you look at the list of senate and house bills in california, it's the censure resolution by the house. 57 says "resolved by the assembly of the state of california that the assembly supports congress' efforts to censure president donald trump comeau called upon president trump to publicly apologize to all americans for his racist and bigoted behavior and calls upon all their state legislatures to ask the same of congress and the president." back with the panel. mollie, something tells me it won't happen. >> i'm not sure if that was the best piece of legislation to come out of california. i love california. i live there as a child. part of it is interesting. one of the bright spots has been the left at times joining the right in an embrace of federalism, the idea that states should be laboratories and democracies.
2:52 pm
the issue is federal law is quite clear that you can't withhold information from federal authorities that deal with immigration. that's a power that's reserved to congress. we have seen some disputes about whether the trump administration can enforce these things. maybe congress needs to step up. it's an interesting path they are choosing. >> bret: interesting to see governor jerry brown, "the federalist," right? he's pulling for these efforts. >> i welcome the left to the federalism debate. during the obama years, states' rights and lawsuits challenging obama policies were cast by democrats on the left too often as obstructionist sabotage at best. now that the tables have turned at the executive level in washington, and a lot of liberal lawmakers in liberal states have a newfound respect for pushing back on federal authority.
2:53 pm
i hope they will maybe internalize the lesson here which is may be giving less power to washington is a good thing in general no matter who's in charge. >> bret: mara, obviously california is left thinking. we are going to talk about it in the 6:00 show, and that's this pushback on nancy pelosi and others. >> that was really interesting. >> bret: they say don't negotiate with donald trump. >> she was shouted down at a press conference by immigration activists who felt she shouldn't be negotiating with him at all. i don't know what the left thinks is going to happen if she doesn't negotiate with him. most people consider what she did an incredible success for her. if you talk to republicans, they feel like she got out of there without giving up anything. that's interesting. how much pushback will there be when daca comes up for a vote from the left wing of the democratic party? >> bret: not only on this
2:54 pm
issue. we talk a lot about the republican party splitting up and conservatives having a problem with different things. the left has a problem of any politician who is dealing with the administration. >> the question is will it become a litmus test? if you talk to donald trump, you are an enemy in a you have betrayed us. i have thought that the splits inside the republican party were deeper than the split inside the democratic party. usually the minority party sticks together because all they can do, that's the only way they get leverage at all. coming back to california, i agree with mollie. probably it's not legal to tell law enforcement not to cooperate with the federal government. the tax bill could have practical effect because other states, other blue states are looking at that too. one thing that wasn't part of this legislation but where california has clout. when they pass environmental regulations, the automakers have to comply because they are the biggest market.
2:55 pm
>> bret: we should have put the list that didn't get through. it's a little bit further out there. >> the regulation issue is huge. they have the ability to hurt businesses all over the country because they have such a large market. the idea -- you have people in california who think illegal immigrants should be able to vote but that a person who is eligible to be president should be placed on the ballot if he doesn't hand over his private tax records. that's something that i'm -- i don't know enough of the law to say that i think that would disenfranchise a lot of people. >> pushing for illegal immigrants to be able to vote, that will cause a backlash. i think the tax returns is a different issue. here in california is an experiment, the left is pushing hard. look at the people who signed up to single-payer already. >> they passed single-payer through one of the houses through the legislature with no plan to pay for it.
2:56 pm
single-payer health care, high speed rail boondoggles. >> while not paying for their own infrastructure. >> look at what happened in vermont. single-payer ran into a brick wall because there was no way to pay part. it's aspirational, not realistic. >> it's a cartoon state right now pule will see how it ends. no federal bailouts please. >> bret: margaret thatcher's that it's always easy to spend someone else's money. panel, thank you. after a short break, a brand-new hour. we will have the latest from the united nations. john roberts on the scene. the next push to repeal and replace obamacare and the growing national debt.
2:57 pm
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